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Khóa Hảm Rơi

Fall Arrest System is the only category of working at height where a fall is actually allowed to occur.

The equipment is then required to act in such a way as to limit both the fall distance and the impact forces received by the worker.

With fall arrest lanyards the potential fall distance can be large. The shock absorber must then significantly reduce the impact the worker receives. To do this it has to extend in length and therefore the clearance height becomes critical.

In the case of fall arrest blocks, they react quickly in the event of a fall, arresting the worker before they gain too much momentum. Therefore clearance height can be smaller making these a good choice for low clearance locations.

Complies with EN 360

Plastic Housing
- Galvanised steel retractable cable
- Rated for person up to 136kg
- 10m or 20m length

- Rated for person up to 136kg
- Rope length: 7m/14m/28m

- Rated for person up to 136kg
- Rope length: 6m/10m/20m/30m



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